A Message Of Support From Dame Judi Dench

November 30, 2020
Having worked since 2013 to ensure that Reading Gaol is transformed into a Cultural Hub and saved from development into flats, we were thrilled this week to receive this message of support from Dame Judi Dench…

“It is vitally important that Reading Gaol, a place of such culture, be used in a way that pays tribute to its artistic history. Namely, to become a cultural and artistic centre. It would be a great gift not only to Reading as a town and growing population centre of the South, but also to the UK and the world as a whole. The idea of plays being performed, people learning and enjoying themselves, and a community coming together in a space that represented so much sadness and inspiration for Oscar Wilde himself is a beautiful one.” Judi Dench.

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You can read more about Dame Judi’s message of support in this BBC news article.