We offer a range of opportunities for businesses and teams, designed to boost performance and develop self-confidence in the workplace.

Bespoke 121 Coaching


Are you looking for a specific coaching package created just for you? Maybe there are particular areas from our workshop offerings that resonate? Whether it’s a one-off session with one of our highly skilled coaches, or a more in depth 121 coaching programme, we can help.

Presenting With Impact


Do you ever wish you were more confident and effective when it comes to presenting yourself and your ideas? Well, you can be. Presenting with clarity, authenticity and power can be learnt and you might even find you enjoy the process!

Effective Communication


What really is effective communication? When we remember the importance of landing our message for the other person, we suddenly step into a very different position. A position of understanding and curiosity. Learn the skills you need to step into being an effective communicator.

Courageous Conversations


How often do you find yourself avoiding those difficult conversations with your team or colleagues? Imagine having the skills to have open, effective, pro-active and brave interactions with those around you.

Virtual Connections


We are living in the new norm of virtual interaction. Connection and communication being a huge part of our daily lives. How can we make virtual connections and delivery as powerful and effective as face-to-face interactions? 

Wellness & Resilience


How can we keep ourselves well in this chaotic and stressful world? Explore a range of strategies in this practical session, giving you the tools and techniques to support your wellness and resilience, as well as those around you. Mental wellness has never been more important than it is now.

Corporate Roleplay & Forum Theatre


Roleplay is an excellent tool used by businesses to assess current behaviours or practice new ones in a safe environment where the stakes are low.

Storytelling in Sales


RABBLE’s interactive, practical workshop will focus on giving your team the confidence to draw on shared experiences, complement tech talk with humanity and establish meaningful personal connections with your clients.

The Business of Improvisation


Very often in business, we have to respond with composure and clarity to situations that are conducive to neither of these things! We in the theatre know a fair bit about this.

Vocal Technique


Our breath & noise workshop draws on our team’s combined experience of speaking well in front of people. We relay that knowledge to you in a way that is applicable to any environment, from Zoom call to grand hall.

Team Building Sessions


In our office destruction team building exercise, we use objects found around the office to stage a hilarious battle scene, working to each and every individual’s ability and level of comfort.

Connect your Business with a New Audience

When your business supports RABBLE, you’re associating your brand with one of the most exciting and inspiring theatre companies in the UK, whilst helping young people here in Reading.