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Education & Workshops

Education is a huge part of what we do at RABBLE Theatre.


From our Foundations Acting School for young people to our Get Up On Stage classes for adults, as well as a regular one-offs and corporate workshops covering a wide range of theatre skills, we provide educational opportunities for all.

“The classes have helped immeasurably with my confidence and given me some really useful techniques and approaches to apply. Thank you for running such an inspiring course and sharing your knowledge and expertise!”

Get up on Stage student

Get Up On Stage

RABBLE Get Up On Stage

Rabble’s Acting School for adults

Get Up On Stage is our supportive, high-quality and fun acting school for adults. You will work with RABBLE’s professional directors, fight choreographers, voice specialists and actors, learning about the skills needed in theatre.

Foundations Acting School

RABBLE Foundations Acting School

For students

aged 8-18

In-depth theatre training for students between the ages of 8-18, who love acting. Run by RABBLE’s professional actors, directors, stage combat specialists and more.

Corporate Workshops

We offer a range of bespoke and tailor-made opportunities for businesses and teams. In our corporate workshops, participants will learn skills and techniques, such as improvisation and speaking with more confidence, that can be put into practice in your workplace setting.

Speaking with Confidence

Bespoke Speaking with Confidence workshops for businesses and individuals.

Practical, enjoyable and innovative workshops, tailored to your needs.

From major presentations to small group chats, complex instructions to informal chats, our team can support you with all your requirements.

Contact us to find out more about booking our corporate workshops.

Breath, Projection & Articulation

Explore the techniques used by our professional actors and vocal coaches to get the most out of your voice.

We’ll work with you to improve volume, articulation, resonance, modulation and so much more. By focusing on your voice, we’ll make you more engaging to an audience and more confident in your voice.

Contact us to find out more about booking our corporate workshops.

Improvisation & Sprint Speeches

An ability to improvise in a corporate environment, with confidence, ease and humour is an invaluable skill. It’s one that our team of actors and public speaking teachers have spent years honing and reimagining for the corporate world.

As such, we will equip you with skills that enable you to confidently and coherently react in the heat of the moment and to create a concise, articulate speech under high-pressure time constraints.

Contact us to find out more about booking our corporate workshops.

Stage Combat Office Destruction!

Destroy your boss with a keyboard to the face!

Well, not really, but our fun and hilarious team of professional APC stage combat directors will come into your space and safely teach you to safely annihilate each other on stage. Did we say Safely? By the end, you’ll have a great scene to film and show each other, involving slaps, kicks, punches, strangles and so much more.

RABBLE’s Stage Combat Office Destruction workshops are perfect for team building, Christmas parties or a slightly different Friday.

Contact us to find out more about booking our corporate workshops.

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