Genomes Preview

20th April 2018
Written by: Beth Flintoff
Directed by: Hal Chambers

A new play exploring the extraordinary opportunities, profound risks and moral dilemmas of medical big data.

If you had the chance to know whether your life will be affected by disease, would you take it? What if you could change the colour of your unborn child’s eyes? Or rid the world of a disability? Our medical records will soon be open to pharmaceutical companies able to tailor their advertising to our individual frailties. So, as we enter an age of unprecedented bodily insight and choice, where do we draw the line?

The award winning RBL Theatre Company, with Oxford University, present a preview of work done on their fascinating new play, exploring the impacts and issues raised by the most significant medical development in recent history.

Join us for previews of scenes from the show, a discussion with RBL’s production team and genetics experts from Oxford University, plus a Q&A with the company.

Funded by the University of Oxford, Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, Centre for Personalised Medicine and the Big Data Institute and supported by the Nuffield Department of Medicine