Become a Rabble Rouser

Henry I of England Preview
1st April 2016
St Barts Theatre, Palmer Park
Written by: Beth Flintoff
Directed by: Hal Chambers
Music by: Rosalind Steele & Benjamin Hudson

The world premiere of this new play performed between 2nd & 19th November 2016 in St James’ Church, immediately beside Henry’s burial site. We offer members of the public a sneak preview into the work we have done during a week of Research and Development funded by Arts Council England.

The event includes:

  • Meeting the characters and watching performances of selected scenes
  • Selections of the musical score written by Rosalind Steele and Benjamin Hudson
  • An overview of the historical research, the process and the work to be done.
  • Producers Dani and Toby Davies
  • A talk from Historian Professor Lindy Grant about the research done by the university for RBL

“Revolutionary and ambitious”
The Stage