Kate Winslett Answers RABBLE’s Call To Help Save Reading Gaol

March 11, 2021

Following support from a number of high-profile names – including Dame Judi Dench, Sir Kenneth Branagh, Natalie Dormer, Shazad Latif and, most recently, a new Banksy artwork – to save Reading Gaol from property developers and preserve it as an arts hub, RABBLE’s Artistic Director, Toby Davies, has been interviewed alongside Holywood A-list actress Kate Winslet for the BBC.

It is phenomenal that Kate has joined this campaign. Kate could not be prouder of her links to Reading and her message about what we need, culturally, could not have been any more passionate, accurate or articulate. Reading needs a world-class arts centre and the only place for it is in Wilde’s Gaol. We are incredibly grateful to her for answering our call to #SaveReadingGaol.

Click here to watch the full interview with Kate and Toby on the BBC South Today programme.

Winslet’s support for the Save Reading Gaol campaign was also covered in an the article by The Independent.


(This post was updated on 12th March 2021).

Kate Winslet answers RABBLE's call to help Save Reading Gaol

Image credit: Frederic Auerbach