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The Snow Queen
The Snow Queen
3rd - 24th December 2021
Venue: South Street Arts Centre
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Booking Enquiries: 07930 834970

Written by: Anna Wheatley

Directed by: Jessica Daniels

Music by: Benjamin Hudson


A new play, written by Anna Wheatley based on the original story by Hans Christian Andersen.

We find ourselves in a country called Denmark, in a city called Odense in a time unspecified. It is mid-winter. A dusting of frost clutches at window panes, the crisp air nips at your nose. The city is beautiful and busy. Houses are huddled so close together that their rooftops kiss. And it is here, in the embrace of two touching rooftops, that we find our heroes. 

Gerda and Kai are inseparable, pals since birth, nothing can tear them apart. Until one winter’s day, Kai mysteriously disappears and Gerda is forced to set out on a treacherous journey across Scandinavia to find him. 

Join Gerda as she sails the seas, breaks into palaces and wrestles her way out of forests to find Kai. Oh and you might learn to speak some crow along the way!

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Recommended ages 8+.



£25, £19 concessions, £15 under 18s.

Previews on Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th Dec: All tickets £17
Monday 6th Dec @ 7pm: Pay What You Like options from £7.

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Recommended 8+